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There's a motorcycle show going on in town, and it coincides with the full moon. For the three days it's been going on, violent crimes have spiked dramatically. Several people have been hospitalized, and a number of people have been raped (both male and female). In a number of cases, gangs of people were involved, and victims & witnesses claimed to have seen feats of supernatural strength and speed. Spirits are skittish in the area at this time, because there are several spirits of rage wandering the city.

As it turns out, the attacks have been perpetrated by a motorcycle club called the Incisors. They participate in a group ritual for five days every lunar month, taking rage spirits into themselves at an altar covered in blood from animals and even people. Then the run amok. If left unchecked, they will displace the local biker gangs. Their leader is named Amos Trask.

Amos Trask has a tattoo of Ouroboros between his shoulder blades.

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