GM Notes (Overview): Edit

Fortunato Malvora is summoned to a meeting with the 'Don of Dons'. When he arrives in Sicily, he is attacked and hunted by his own family, barely managing to escape back to North America. His rival cousin has framed him as a traitor to the Family, and Fortunato Malvora will find out why, or die trying.

The cousin is working with the Black Court of Vampires Baron Craysfort, and working on a plan to destroy the White Court of Vampires' main base of operations, located in Montreal.

Notable characters: Edit

  • Cousin Vincenzo Malvora.
  • Don Fannuci Malvora.
  • Enzo the baker.
  • Bargini.
  • Saro.
  • Willi.
  • 'Cardinal' Lamberto.
  • Paulini.
  • Solozza.
  • Clemenza.
  • Joey.
  • Roberto.
  • Alberto.
  • Banasera.
  • Tessio.
  • Luca.
  • Freddy the Rat.
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