The White Council of Wizards is a world-wide governing body for those who practice wizardry and magic as mortal practitioners. It has been characterized by some as a sort of fraternity lodge, or a sort of black-belt association.

Some consider them a group of hidebound old men, too long in the tooth to understand the modern world, or how to get along with it. There is something to that. The Council is a geriocracy, ruled by the oldest among an extremely long-lived group. This does make is difficult for them to understand the needs of the young, or change stances on issues quickly.

The Wardens Edit

The Wardens of the White Council are a combination of soldiers and police officers. They each have an area of responsibility, in which they keep an eye out for (and defeat, as needed) monsters and sorcerers who attack the population in their area.

They are also the combat-trained Wizards that the White Council falls back on when they have an enemy they can't reason with. This was displayed in the war between the Red Court and the White Council.

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