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A young man approaches the party with a grave concern: The men of his bloodline fall dead on or around their 30th birthday.

His name is Alexander Cranee, and claims to be an illegitimate son of Winston Adair, founder of Sub-Light energy, and inventor of a next-gen solar panel.

Research will turn up the fact that David Adair was cursed after a confrontation in which he killed the apprentice to a Mohawk shaman. From 1782-1947, all males born of his line died on their 30th birthday. In 1947, Oliver Adair met with the aging shaman, who relented. The shaman enchanted Oliver's watch fob to absorb the energy of the curse. Oliver lived to the age of 84, and his son Winston lived to the age of 67. Winston was never married and his estate is being auctioned off for charity, as per his final wishes.

Travis Donovan intends to acquire the watch fob, to harvest the dark energy it has been steeped in. He has sent members of his Circle to steal it.

The member of the Ring at the auction's body disappeared in the confusion.

*Reuben Taylor is the member of the Ring present. He escapes at the end of the story if at all possible.

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