Warden Esmirelda Spinosa is a Warden of the White Council of Wizards who used to be tasked with monitoring the Western Canada Region.

The Spook Squad Edit

Early into her tenure in Saskatoon, Esmirelda became aware that there was a civilian group of Supernatural beings acting to protect the people and territory of the city. After a meeting (and soulgaze) with the police officer in charge of the group's movements, she decided to let them go about their business and focus her efforts on other areas of her territory.

She did make a point of dropping in from time to time, to make sure the group, this Spook Squad, wasn't breaking the Laws of Magic.

An Eye for Talent Edit

While tracking a rogue group of sorcerers calling themselves The Ring, Esmirelda became aware that the Saskatoon based Spook Squad had someone in it that might make a good warden. Kaki Yukimura was a member of the White Council of Wizards by this time, and with the Wardens as low on manpower as they were, her recommendation was accepted almost immediately, and she was allowed to extend the grey cloak (and some advice) to the young wizard. Since the new Warden was not likely to relocate (having a group that she worked well with), Esmirelda accepted a reassignment to help Wardens in the North and West region of the U.S.

A Maternal Touch Edit

While the Western Canada Region is being watched over by Ms. Yukimura, Esmirelda occasionally pops into her former territory from time to time, to check and see how things are going, and to check the progress of her protege's new deputy and former apprentice. She doesn't make herself known on these visits, but she stays apprised of the situation.

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