The Yukimura's are a powerful family of wizards. Originally a clan from Hokkaido, and now stationed in Tokyo, their line is filled with Wardens of the White Council, as well as Samurai.

The progression of magic through the Yukimura Line begins as the last wizard from the last line dies, the next magical Yukimura is born. In this way, only five magical Yukimura's ever exist at a time, each one a master of a separate element.

The current Yukimura Line consists of Kaki, Shinichi, Jirou, Kazeki and Umiko, of that descending order in age, and their elements are fire, spirit, earth, wind and water respectively.

Family Line Edit

The Yukimura's have been tracking their Line since the ninth century, and so have very good records of their lineage.

Yukimura's of the Ninth Century Edit

Hikaru Yukimura

1007-1052, Fire user

Ena Yukimura

1009-1190, Spirit mage

Ametsuchi Yukimura

1011-1186, earth user

Kazetani Yukimura

1012-1087, wind mage

Otaki Yukimura

1014-1151, water mage

Yukimura's of the eleventh Century Edit

Hono Yukimura

Kiyoshi Yukimura

Mamoru Yukimura

Taifu Yukimura

Kano Yukimura

Yukimura's of the thirteenth Century Edit

Kaen Yukimura

Amida Yukimura

Iwao Yukimura

Suzukaze Yukimura

Shimizu Yukimura

Yukimura's of the fifteenth Century Edit

Fudo Yukimura

Jo Yukimura

Kohana Yukimura

Kazehaya Yukimura

Tatsuo Yukimura

Yukimura's of the seventeenth Century Edit

Homura Yukimura

Ki Yukimura

Suna Yukimura

Senpu Yukimura

Mizumi Yukimura

Yukimura's existing today Edit

Kaki Yukimura

Shinichi Yukimura

Jirou Yukimura

Kazeki Yukimura

Umiko Yukimura

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