Mazarin Claramaé - (Maiden name : Crepuscule) Former matriarch of the Claramae family. Tried to "rewrite" her youngest daughter Bijoux mentally. However, she was ultimately defeated and was mentally blocked from using her powers by Bijoux who chose not to kill her but rather to spare her life. Any attempt to use her mind magic causes her great pain. She also acquired Aichmophobia (Fear of sharp and pointy objects) as a consequence from the battle.

Ebene Claramaé - Husband of Mazarin

Rubis Brulant Claramaé (Twin of Topaze) -

Verredemer Orage Claramaé (Twin of Diamant) - Accountant. He is short (Approximately 5 feet). Took over the Claramae family affairs after the defeat of Mazarin. He has since incorporated it under "Claramae Holdings Inc." and is taking care of the family business. Every month he sends Bijoux a check.

Pierre de Lune Claramaé (Twin of Amethyste) - Lawyer. Usually dressed impeccably in a three piece suit.

DeSang Roche Claramaé (Twin of Perle) - Football player. Was dressed in snap pants.

Obstinian Deces Claramaé (Twin of Morganite) -

Axinite Fantome Claramaé (Twin of Beryl) - Youngest boy. In college. Dressed casually.

Topaze Merre Claramaé (Twin of Rubis) -

Diamant Stalactite Claramaé (Twin of Verredemer) -

Amethyste Etoile Claramaé (Twin of Pierre) - Dressed in sweats. Redhead with blond roots.

Perle Maree Claramaé (Twin of DuSang) - Spiked collar necklace. Black-blue raven hair. Many piercings.

Morganite Brouillard Claramaé (Twin of Obstinian) - Librarian look. Powersuit with hair in a bun

Beryl Sable Claramaé (Twin of Axinite) -

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