The Spook Squad is a group of supernaturally powered (or at least aware) beings first assembled by James Tyveck to defend the city of Saskatoon from unnatural threats. This group had many members, and was ultimately successful in dealing with all of the threats that came about during the group's tenure, though their methods sometimes were less than wholesome.


Cara Anderson

Ed K. Danvers

Kaki Yukimura

Morgana of the Fey

Alexis Crowshaw

Fortunato Malvora

Eric Becker

John Norton

Roland Carter

Marie Laveau

Sirka of the Summer Court

Mark Manners

Evander Summers

Nathan Gordon

Mildred Skavis

Billy Finley

Sean O'Connyl

Donald Douglas

Samael the Demon

(That's all of them I could remember off the top of my head, please feel all kinds of free to add more).

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