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In the middle of the night, Blake Smith and Kimberly Wong arrive at Ed's home. They're looking for help from the Spooks, being chased as they are by Travis Donovan and the remaining members of The Ring. In exchange for their safety, they're willing to trade information on a coming threat that "You guys will really want to know about, trust me!"

They broke faith with Travis when he started summoning a demonic creature known as the Crystal Siphon, and made a deal with it. He's been feeding his foes to it, and they had enough. Travis sent the Siphon after them, and they escaped.

The next day, Malachi Patel arrives at either Mark's place or Cara's. He demands the 'Criminal Warlocks' on behalf of the Wardens. If refused, he leaves while uttering threats.

Simultaneously, Doug Thompson arrives at the other of the two, same demands but offering money & power in exchange for the fugitives.

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