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A dread artifact in the custody of the Church has disappeared from storage, and surfaced in Tugaske, SK of all places! Vatican special forces are hunting for the Unholy Grail, its current holder, and they have sent a request to James Tyveck personally (since he's known to them personally) to help them find the thief responsible for stealing it in the first place.

Father Carmichael is able to share the fact that the Church has been able to track the Grail and the cult holding it to Tugaske. They've been able to track a number of cultists converging no the area. The ritual concerns the drinking of blood that has been de-sanctified in the Grail.

Walking out of the meeting with the Spooks, Father Carmichael is shot and either killed or comatose (Comatose if anyone can heal him, or has first-aid skills). His killers are in a car parked in front of the police station, and the car pulls away immediately afterwards. If it's stopped, there are 3 human males with ouroboros pendants and dressed in suits.

A cult has gathered at St. Andrew's United Church in Tugaske, SK. They will perform their ritual at midnight. There are 5 people there, three cultists and two sacrifices: A little boy and girl. A thorouoghly tarnished silver chalice rested on the altar, and the crosses were all smashed and caked with offal. The holy water fountain pump is stopped, and the water glows red from a small jewel placed in it. Andre Jones, Jeffrey Watson, and Miles Martin are the cultists.

If Father Carmichael is alive at the end of the episode, he will insist on returning the Unholy Grail to secure lockup.

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