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A new establishment has opened in the north end of town. It is a full-service gentlemen's club, and its patrons return without fail every day. When prevented from going there, they suffer withdrawal symptoms.

The party is approached by the wife of an SLGA inspector who checked the Crimson Clad, and then started going there every night, and acting strangely in general. (N.B.: Margaret & Thomas Harris)

Drinks at the Crimson Clad are laced with Red Court venom, making them narcotic and addictive.

The managers are not complicit; They're addicts themselves. The alcohol shipments to the Crimson Clad are interfered with en-route. This is a Red Court front company, and they have a warehouse on Millar ave. North. Company: Tooth & Claw Liquor Deliveries.

All employees of Tooth & Claw are mortal. The saliva in the liquor will show up on a tox-screen. If the party shuts them down, they'll get a threatening visit from a representative of the Red Court.

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