GM Notes (Overview): Edit

Mark Manners or Ed K. Danvers have an unexpected visitor in the middle of the night: Eric Becker. Eric has been leading a strike team for the Venatori Umbrorum, in association with the Brotherhood of St. Giles. The last 6 strikes have been suffering from an increasing degree of problems: Pick-up being botched, equipment misplaced or missing, targets' security being suddenly upgraded, etc. He needs a team that his team knows nothing about to catch the traitor on his team. The strike is against a Red Court of Vampires stronghold in Africa during a tumultuous time (Deceiver).

Eric's team: Edit

  • Charles Trent - R.C.I. (demolitions).
  • Shale Strout - Focused Practitioner: Earth (Defenses) - tall.
  • Johnny Blaze - Focused Practitioner: Fire (Anti-personnel) - skinny & tall (gun focus).
  • H.C. - Trollkin (Procurement) - wiry.
  • Sharon Trout - R.C.I. (Computers).
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