Overview Edit

Nathan Gordon was a 'substitute soul reaper,' granted power from a fallen warrior in the form of a sword that he used to protect the people from the monsters who prey upon them.

Aspects: Edit

High concept:

  • Substitute soul reaper


  • Defend the innocent

Phase aspects:

  • There's no friend like skill
  • I might not win, but you lose
  • To stand against impossible odds
  • Expert timing saves lives

Early life Edit

Nathan was the son of a Canadian tech expert whose family had been relocated to Japan. Growing up without any other Canadian kids nearby, he turned to martial arts training to salve his loneliness. In school, he was a middling student, but obviously he was a bit of a loner. One day when he was a young man he and his father witnessed a mugging. Nathan's father jumped in between the mugger and his victim, and was stabbed. His father lost the use of his legs, and Nathan learned an important lesson: Sometimes no-one wins.

Joining the spook squad Edit

Having moved back home to Saskatchewan, Nathan found himself between a fallen warrior and some kind of monster that he couldn't see. The warrior asked Nathan if he would be able to do what was necessary, and Nathan said he thought so. Suddenly, a sword had appeared in his hand, and the monster was visible to his eyes. In the aftermath, he was approached by a man in a charcoal suit and a sky blue button-down shirt with matching blue ribbon in his trilby hat. Soon after, he was introduced to a team of monster hunters.

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