Morgana was a fetch changeling and one-time member of the Saskatoon Spook Squad. She is now affiliated with the court of Winter, and has embraced her Fae side and become full fetch. She was known to be a prodigy with glamours even before she made her choice.

Early Life Edit

Morgana had a traumatic and difficult childhood, first as the only child of a single mother, then as the odd person out in her blended family. When her mother married her stepfather and they had a child, she doted on her younger brother and loved him, and things seemed to settle in until her powers emerged and she accidentally glamoured into something horrific, and scared him so badly that he fell down the stairs he was climbing. Due to her abrasive and odd nature, no one believed that it unintentional- especially with her brother screaming "She's a monster!" whenever he saw her subsequently. She was placed in an institution, then in a group home for troubled youth. At this time she went to a public school again, and met and became close friends with Antares Fletcher. At this time she also learned to control her powers and learned who she was, but she never learned to control the rage. After she was placed in custody, she dropped her last name, and made it official in adulthood.

Adulthood and Time with the Squad Edit

As an adult, Morgana continued to separate from humanity and society, opting for voluntary homelessness sleeping in the woods and hunting for food. She took odd jobs to take care of her occasional expenses. She started noticing activity from the squad members fairly soon after starting to live near the river, and started to observe closely and take notes about the activity in her perceived territory. Once she figured out they were on the side of good, she tracked down Cara Anderson to ask to join the group. As a member, she got the squad out of many jams with her ability to change her appearance at will, feed on fear, and poison foes with her claws. She also had an opportunity to meet her fetch father while in the squad, and unfortunately, since he was killing in the area, the group were forced to put him down. Morgana felt little remorse. Her abrasive personality and rashness, as well as her propensity to lack interest in anything that doesn't benefit her caused conflict for her in the group, and she ultimately parted ways with them in order to take her choice and become full fetch, which she always favoured anyhow.

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