GM Notes (Overview): Edit

The Hand of Athena approaches Ed K. Danvers and friends with information: Ed isn't really dead, but is a scion of Poseidon whose powers are the realization of his own potential. If Ed K. Danvers will consent, Athena and her allies will attempt to drive Poseidon from his mind. All that is needed is an artifact called the Amber Room, which is installed in the Kremlin, in Moscow.

Important persons and dates: Edit

  • Rasputin: 21 January 1869 to 30 December 1916
  • Amber Room: 1701-1711 in Prussia, 1755 restored 1830 in Russia.
  • Brandis (White Council)
  • Yuri Kruschenko -Wizard apprentice of Ed K. Danvers, and later of Brandis.
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