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A church operative has noticed a trend in the City of Saskatoon: The Winter Court is involved in a treaty with the White Court of Vampires, and the local authorities have been acting on behalf of the White Court. A cell of Holy Warriors are in town, and they're setting their sights on the Spooks, who are all unnatural creatures in one way or another. They set ambushes against the Spooks. One operative attacks with a sword, and two more flank with rifles. Any party members surviving who use Contacts can track them to their lair, at St. Joseph's Catholic Church, on the corner of 8th Street and Broadway Ave. The leader of the cell is named Jacques Parise. He has two bodyguards, and can only be reasoned with at the most extreme level of probability. He is afraid of an unholy alliance, and willing to kill for his faith.

Note: Carolinjian.

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