GM Notes (Overview): Edit

The City is seeking to reduce the cost of its police service, and so they're examining the SPD budget line by line. James' unit shows disproportionate cost for negligible visible benefit. As a result, a police budget consultant (Tyler Winfield) is interviewing the members of the so-called 'Spook Squad'. Mr. Winfield has been tipped off by someone that there's something fishy going on, and that James Tyveck may be corrupt and in the habit of covering up crimes.

Meanwhile... Edit

A family has been found dead in their house, while it was locked and the house alarm was armed. Their bodies were torn and savaged, as if by a huge dog or even a bear. The only sign of any animal at the scene was the family's teacup poodle, found dead at the scene with no injuries. Three more families are targeted. All four targets are teachers at Aden Bowman Collegiate who taught a student named Charles Darwin, who flunked out at the end of the fall semester.

Dramatis Personae: Edit

  • Forensic accountant: Terry Connell (F)
  • Police Chief: Clive Weighill (M)
  • Councillor involved: Eric Olauson (M)
  • Forensic assistant: Terry Baker (M)
  • Teacher 1 - English: Scott Lopez & Maria (+2 kids)
  • Teacher 2 - Math: Jessie Cox (F)
  • Teacher 3 - History: Sandra Reed
  • Teacher 4 - Creative writing: Evan Coleman
  • Murderer: Charles Darwin
  • Murderer's mother: Martha Anderchek.

In other news: Edit

A Winter Sidhe has been found murdered, heart removed and replaced with a white stone, and dark magic suffusing the body. Onyx stakes pinned down his hands and feet. Cuts indicated a left-handed killer.

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