House Grimmaldi is a house of the White Court of Vampires. It is small and emerging, and differs from other houses in that it is made up of "rejects" or outcasts of other houses.

Main Universe Edit

In the main universe, House Grimmaldi is the White Court house that holds influence in Saskatchewan. They run the Prairie Lily, a special neutral zone that is a casino/bar/sex dungeon/conference hall/hotel/you get the point in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Luca and Savio Grimmaldi are the heads of the House, sharing equal power and influence as brothers. They also operate the most democratic house in the White Court, valuing the opinions of all members, but at the end of the day, they rule with an iron fist.

Alternate Universe Edit

In the AU where the Grimmaldis originated, they were just making and forming a house, and owned a mundane casino in Saskatoon, having taken over the old police building. Their casino has bunkers and saferooms, as well as secure meeting rooms, probably due to the justified paranoia of the Grimmaldis (that place was ALWAYS attracting flying monkeys). The current head of household is Savio Grimmaldi, leading as the lone head since Luca decided to serve the Winter Court. Due to Luca's alliances, House Grimmaldi is tied to the Winter Court.

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