Heaven's Gate was a cult based around the idea of worshiping the beings beyond the outer gates, and bringing them into this world to seize power.

This group put together and actually enacted a ritual to open the outer gates, and called forth one of the beings from Outside. It inhabited and possessed the body of a mortal police member, and the man had to be killed to stop it from gathering power.

Membership Edit

  • Marshall Applewhite
  • Bonnie Nettles
  • Rio DiAngelo
  • Karla Hexham
  • Irving Ayres
  • Drummond Lewis
  • Balch Zeller
  • Lifton Taylor
  • Bearak Chryssizes
  • Ryan Mizrach
  • Steven Goerman
  • Kathryn Ramsland
  • Rick Ross
  • Betty Ross
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