GM Notes (Overview): Edit

Someone is killing Winter sidhe on a lunar schedule, and stealing their hearts fro a ritual. There are 7 Winter half-bloods in / around town:

  • Morgana of the Fey - Half fetch, lives alone.
  • Olivia Anderson - Half-mer person, lives with friends.
  • Scarlett Thomas - Half brownie (deceased).
  • Michael Lopez - Half pooka, lives alone (deceased).
  • Matthew King - Half goblin, lives with mother.
  • Carter Nguyen - Half ice dwarf, lives with lover Tom.
  • Maya Bennett - Half hag, lives with adopted parents (deceased).

Carter lives with his lover, a welder named Tom Philtre. He volunteers at Prairie Bluffs extended care home, where Matthew King spends his days. Olivia Anderson lives in an apartment complex owned by the Ruel Foundation for the Arts. Matthew's room is strewn with circles built into the walls, floor & ceiling.Olivia has a valid passport, used several times to fly back and forth to Florida She will trade winter energy for her freedom from the haunting of Winter.

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