Overview Edit

Hadley and the Honeypots are a group of vampire hunters who are tracking the recent Black Court Vampire incursion into the city of Saskatoon. While they are a new group, they are starting to mesh together and get traction in their new quest.

Membership Edit

Hadley Ashton, Seer and P.I.Edit

Known for his skills in investigation and supernatural lore, Hadley is blessed/cursed with both the Sight and Cassandra's Tears. He'll probably get his ass kicked in a fight, but he'll certainly try!

Comtesse Cetestine de Lancret Edit

(Place-holder-ey goodness! Kattie, do your thing!)

Our Lady of Death Metal Edit

Shaina Connoly is a 25 year old death metal singer of Irish origin. As a Banshee changeling, she uses her voice to instill fear and dread into her enemies before bashing them with her custom blade guitar. She shares the Cassandra's tears power with Hadley, as Banshees are an omen of doom. Unlike most of the other group members, she does not see the vampire hunting as a job, but rather as a form of recreation. Often takes an absolutely massive amount of drugs due to her inhuman recovery, and is not above using her sexuality to get what she needs to help Hadley solve the case and kill the vamps.

Jeanette De La Nuit

(Played by the lovely Amber Lady to great and devastating effect).

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