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James calls in the Spook Squad for help: Witnesses in an upcoming labour standards prosecution have been turning up dead in situations that are frankly impossible by normal means. Two died simultaneously, on hypothermia, and one seems to have burned to death from the inside out. The employer in this case is J.A.B.A. Construction, and they stand accused of abusing their temporary foreign workers. James needs the spooks to find out why, who, how; and also to stop them.

When / if they make themselves known to J.A.B.A., they are attacked shortly after. During an interview with J.A.B.A. the CEO (Dave Anderchek) will easily inform the spooks that they get their TFWs through a firm out of Ghana: Next Step Human Solutions. They're renting an office on 7th Avenue.

In the event that they go to check out Next Step, their car gets T-boned and they're attacked by identical constructs in business suits and bowler hats, with tribal markings on all exposed skin. They're armed with shotguns, machetes, and bolas.

The surviving witnesses (TFWs) are unwilling to share any information, not wanting to cross the 'Bokor.' (There are 4 witnesses alive at the beginning of the episode).

At the Next Step office, Mr. Kodzo Kwabena categorically denies all wrongdoing, and asks you to leave. If they check, they find designs similar to those on the constructs lining every window and door on the interior. These are kinetic wards against spirit creatures. If they burgle the office, there's an altar in the back room, and an apartment upstairs.

If they arrest Mr. Kwabena, all of the witnesses die. Reuben Taylor is using J.A.B.A. to install arcane designs in certain homes around town. To this end, he is using Mr. Anderchek, who is psychically twisted and doesn't remember his complicity.

If they level with Mr. Kwabena, however, they will find out that he is a Houngan, a spiritual healer, and defender. Some time ago, he noticed that a Bokor was interfering with a number of people in the city; Several people had been damaged, as if part of their spirit had been eaten away. He tried to help them, and then...things started attacking him. At home, at work. He warded his workplace and apartment, and will soon be ready to hunt the Bokor himself.

If the spooks arrest or kill Mr. Anderchek, Reuben Taylor will escape.

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