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A woman bursts into the Divine Goddess, crying and wide-eyed. "You've got to save me!" he wails, and passes out. Outside the door, the slavering of an enraged hound presages an attack.

Once defeated, the hound vanishes, leaving only ectoplasm behind.

Her name is Marie Solovski, and she is being chased and pursued by Hounds constantly over the last several weeks. It started with phantom snarling, escalating until she was attacked today.

Seven years ago, she jokingly agreed to sell her soul to a well-dressed man outside of the the Booster Juice at five corners on Broadway Ave. She walked past a busker, took a moment to listen, and idly mentioned to a passerby that the buskeer's music is huntingly beautiful. He replied to her that anything's possible for a price, and asked her what skill she would like to be the best at. She said she would give anything to be a professional pool player. He smiled and told her that she'd have seven full years to enjoy her gift, and to have a good time.

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