Emma Anya Cornelia Ashford is a magic user, seamstress, and member of the Spook Squad Squared. Originally from England, she moved to Saskatoon after marrying Arthur Ashford. She offered her skills with magic to the SSS when her neighbor Nika Alkaev was hosting the group and they needed assistance with a case. Emma owns and manages a bridal boutique in downtown Saskatoon.

Early Life Edit

Emma was born on her wealthy father's estate near Ipswitch. Her family owned a successful business training and coordinating nannies, maids, and cooks for households all over Britain. She grew up in high society, becoming skilled in the social graces, and acquiring an aptitude for ritual magic and sewing.

Family Edit

Husband - Arthur Ashford (39) Edit

Arthur is also originally from England, but as a teenager he moved to Saskatoon with his mother when his parents divorced. He works in the fraud department with the Saskatoon Police.

Father - Gilford Lamperouge (89) Edit

Being the only daughter and the youngest of his children, Emma's father doted on her, giving her whatever she desired. During her childhood he was often away on business, but when he was home he did his best to be a family man. His first wife, who bore his three sons, died of cancer when he was 45. He remarried to Emma's mother at 53, causing quite a stir, as his new wife was the same age as his oldest son.

Mother - Anya Lamperouge (65) Edit

Emma was not unloved by her mother, but she was not particularly fond of child rearing, and they never became very close. Her mother was rumoured to have married her father only for his wealth, a rumour substantiated by the luxury and extravagance with which she lived her life.

Paternal Grandmother - Cornelia Lamperouge (123) Edit

Throughout Emma's childhood and teenage years, most of Emma's care, discipline, and education was provided by her grandmother. They became very close as they bonded over their mutual love of and talent for ritual magic, sewing, and gardening.

Half-Brothers Edit

Roleau Lamperouge - (65) Edit

Roleau was always very busy after he inherited his father's business. He and Emma largely stayed out of each others' way, and have never been close.

Lloyd Lamperouge - (62) Edit

Because of their age difference, Lloyd was more like a kindly uncle than a brother to Emma. She is very fond of him, and grew up with his children as her surrogate siblings.

Rivalz Lamperouge (59) Edit

It became clear to Emma early on that Rivalz had a bitter dislike for her. He obviously felt that her mother was a replacement for his, and was jealous of the attention she gets from their father.

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