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Ed K. Danvers is the former Hand of Poseidon and a long serving member of the Saskatoon Spook Squad.

Character Aspects Edit

High Concept

  • Severed Hand of Poseidon


  • Daddy Issues

Phase Aspects

  • Nuke the Whales!
  • Keep a Cool Head
  • Sometimes You Get a 2nd Chance
  • The Mortician on Trident Cr.
  • You Can't Go home again

Other Aspects

  • Reluctant/Undead Hand of Poseidon
  • Bitch of the River Kwai
  • Against the Tide
  • Poseidon is my Copilot

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"We take vampirism very seriously at the Saskatoon Police Department." -Ed

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Life After The Squad Edit

"I'm looking at the knife, Jirou."-Ed

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