GM Notes (Overview) Edit

The Spook Squad is approached by the RCMP to investigate a textile mill in the Greater Toronto Area. It's managing to turn out clothes at a cost that undercuts sweatshops overseas, and even though their books show workers' wages in perfect order, no workers have been seen entering or leaving the factory facility. Also, the RCMP members who have been inside were...tampered with, mentally, somehow.

RCMP Liason: Leftenant Helfer.

Textile factory: Rupert textiles.

Parent company: Rupert holdings ltd, Windsor Ont.

CEO: Jonathon Rupert (Both).

Units 1-57.

Rupert = Necromancer (Sorcerer, no Evocation, no death-curse) w/ six patchwork bodyguards disguised as statues in his office.

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