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A new theatre company opened up at the barn playhouse, and started playing to sold out theatres and rave reviews. That was in August. In the new year, Cara the ectomancer is approached by an old woman in a warden's cloak This mysterious woman warns of the dangers of breaking the fifth law: Never reach beyond the borders of life. To Cara's incredulous reaction, the warden says that necromancy has found a foothold in the area, and ectomancy and necromancy are extremely close. Cara is the current best lead that the White Council has to work with. As it turns out, the theatre company is a group of zombies, called up and made to perform by a Focused Practitioner: Necromancer who loves the theatre, and wanted to honour his fallen brother with a perfect rendition of their favourite play, Macbeth. If confronted, his 15 zombies will attack his enemies after dark. In daylight, no zombies are available for his defense.

The practitioner's name is Marshall Wong. He has a tattoo of ouroboros between his shoulder blades.

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