Coyote is a Manitou Spirit (deity) of some Aboriginal groups. His legends and stories come up in many groups, even ones thought to be completely different cultures. This is probably due to the adaptability and widespread territory of the animals that bear his name. Coyote is most often either completely anthropomorphic or is in a human form with many coyote-like characteristics [1]. To the Spook Squad Squared, he has mostly shown himself in dreams and visions to his granddaughter, Kiya Grey.

Oyote is a smiling and laughing figure, and even when asking for help or challenging another god, doesn't seem to take too much seriously. This is very in line with his nature as a Trickster god in Aboriginal culture- many Aboriginal cultures believe that crtain ceremonies cannot be completed unless the people involved have laughed and are happy [2]. Coyote, however, should never be taken as a clown, or a tame god that just exists to make people happy. By nature, gods and manitou have very human personalities and reactions, and Coyote can be unstable and unpredictable.

Coyote has enlisted the help of the Squad through Kiya, most notably when his rival Badger showed up and took over a mine. His clues are usually incomprehensible, and he enjoys messing with Kiya in her visions by doing things like dropping her off of cliffs.

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