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Following the assault on the Red Embassy, a new power has risen to fill the power vacuum. Ed Danvers has been plagued with nightmares for a week. Cara is approached by the ghosts of two minor talent women from the Saskatoon supernatural scene. They were kidnapped about a week ago by men in dark turtlenecks, and tortured to death. The ghosts don't know where they were taken. They're operating out of a buried decommissioned bomb shelter located under the Diefenbaker tobogganing hill. What they don't realize is that the tortures were to reveal their powers, and evaluate their value as breeding stock / slaves.

Both women were regulars at the Divine Goddess Community Circle. Other members of the circle note hat he two missing women had recently joined a meditation group, but neither mentioned a name or place for it. The clerk remembers them, and that they each bought a copy of the same book: Opening the Lidded Eye: Understanding and Growing Your Inner Power. Readers of the book are hit with a 7-shift compulsion to call / contact the Fomo-Compact (ad on the back jacket), and sign up for their Empowerment Seminar.

Examination of the book using magical means reveals that it has a coercion enchantment woven into it. Checking into the publisher shows that the book is vanity published through a local printing house. The address on file with the printer is a P.O. box.

Copies of the book are dropped off by a courier every week. Following the courier leads to Diefenbaker. Five chains are set in a semi-circle facing outward with a raised position in the center.

This bunker has 3 people working in it. All minor talents (Mana Static, Breath Weapon: Acid, Psychometry). They're not wearing ID of any kind.

All of the people working in this bunker have tattoos of ouroboros between their shoulder blades.

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