GM Notes: Edit

Nov. 8:

The party is alerted by Officer Bob that James is missing. When the Spooks track him, they find that he's been taken to a vampire safe-house on Ave. D. In the house, they find that a small hive of Black Court Vampires had formed there, and apparently grabbed James so that he could not hunt them.

Examination of the computer in this 'safe house' reveals that a user named Danica had been using this computer to search for blood transfusion information, and Vietnam war tunnels and trapping techniques, as well to advertise on Tumblr and other similar sites for young people who want to be vampires.

Danica has used her vampiric powers to arrange to have an extensive tunnel system built under the Diefenbaker Hill, and has set up her base of operations here. There is a fully stocked blood donor clinic, with human hostages strapped with blood extraction gear. She has sent word to Baron Craysfort of the Black Court of Vampires, and he has come to town to observe her results.

Outlook account:

Registered to Danica Wonder.

Advertisement.jpg on hard drive.

Nov. 9:

8pm - 2 ambulances are attacked and robbed, all 4 paramedics are missing. They were attacked at the west side of the traffic bridge immediately following a 911 call.

Safehouse Vampires: Edit

  • Edward Shipton
  • 2x Female (new vamps)
  • 2x Male (new vamps)
  • Danica Wonder

Computer Search History: Edit

  • VietCong
  • Vietnam war tunnels
  • Vietnam tunnel traps
  • Team Edward
  • True blood message boards
  • Twilight message boards
  • Tumblr vampire diaries

Vampires in Diefenbaker Base: Edit

  • Ethan Wong
  • Charles Chu
  • Emily Schacher
  • Julia Stihleon
  • Danica Wonder
  • Baron Craysfort
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