Overview Edit

Billy Finley is a traveling failed wizard apprentice who makes living money as a street musician.

Aspects Edit

High concept:

  • Devil-may-care wizard with a man-purse


  • Flashy failure

Phase aspects:

  • 50% is still a pass.
  • Everybody makes mistakes
  • Some things are just wrong

Early life Edit

Billy was abandoned as a baby, but he was found and raised by a school of White Council accredited wizards in England. He was enormously talented with magic, but never took his studies seriously, preferring to joke and play pranks on his fellows. He also discovered a talent and a love for music at a young age.

Leaving the nest Edit

Billy eventually reached the age of majority, and the examination of magical abilities to enter the White Council. During his examination, Billy accidentally transformed his partner's hand into a hen's claw. In the resulting trial, he narrowly survived by submitting himself to soulgaze and mental examination to determine intent (in his case, lack thereof).

At then end of it all, he was given a stern lecture on the laws, warned that anything like this would be the death of him, and he was banished from the continent.

The jokester finds his earnestness Edit

While drifting around the province of Quebec, Billy came across the aftermath of a Black Court Vampire attack. He was disgusted by it, setting out to find the monster responsible. It led him on a merry chase, and he finally caught up to it in Saskatoon, SK. After vanquishing it, he came to the attention of James Tyveck of the Saskatoon Spook Squad.

After the Spook Squad Edit

After his time on the Spook Squad came to an end, Billy moved into fusing his magic with music. He wrote several spells and mnemonics that have come into common usage by the wizards of his home nation. In light of his work, he has since been named a member of the White Council as a master researcher.

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