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Atsuko Himura is Jirou Yukimura’s platonic partner, and is the childhood best friend of Jirou and Shinichi Yukimura. Atsuko is an empath, though she was never aware of her supernatural abilities until she was eighteen years old, when Jirou told her about them.

Character AspectsEdit

High Concept

  • Kind Empathic Musician


  • Truth or Happiness


  • Kill Them With Kindness
  • Power of Empathy
  • Lies we Tell out of Love
  • Things Better Left in the Heart
  • What it Means to be Alive

Name Meaning: Sincere, Kind, Pure (Atsu, 惇), child (ko, 子)

History Edit

Atsuko Himura was born in Sapporo, Hokkaido. She and her family moved to Tokyo when she was twelve years old. She ended up transferring to the same class as Jirou Yukimura, and her desk was beside his. Being a girl who tried her best to be friendly, she tried to make friends with her desk mates. She had no trouble making friends with the girl who sat to her left, but she struggled a bit with the boy on her right, Jirou Yukimura. That didn’t discourage her, as Atsuko could feel nothing but loneliness on the boy to her right. She learned from her classmates that Jirou never had any friends in class, as he spent all of his time with his brother, who was also his closest friend. Atsuko then became determined to be friends with both of them. It took her several good tries, but she eventually formed an acquaintanceship with Jirou, and one day his brother, Shinichi, invited Atsuko to eat lunch with them.

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