GM Notes (Overview): Edit

Throughout the ages, there has always been a man or woman to take on the mantle of the Independent Agent. This person walks between the supernatural and human worlds, keeping secrets the world is not ready to learn and acting as a mercenary in the internecine maneuverings of the various supernatural groups. The current Independent Agent, one Alexander King, has reached his final days, and it is time to pass on his storehouse of knowledge and power to his successor. He has summoned the most promising representatives of the supernatural world to compete for his 'crown'.

Three Locations, Three Mysteries: Edit

Bigfoot: Edit

The Independent Agent transports the prospective successors to the wilds of Arkensas, near the Texas border. While there, they learn the fate of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

X-37 - Tunguska Event: Edit

Siberia - genetic research to unlock human potential for powers.

"X48 produced duplicates of important personages, with organic bombs in their bellies - Jack Drood shut it down in 1973."

Spetznaz sent in after it went quiet. 500 in, 19 out. Screaming about monsters.

One of the buildings is undamaged. Streets are coated in blood, weapons and debris, but no bodies.

No signage.

Great open room, biseted by a huge one-way mirror, and packed with bulky computer and recording equipment. (old-fashioned reel-to-reel, videotape <betamax7, etc.>)

Betrayal: Edit

Alexander King has already passed on, and used some of the magic at his disposal to move his consciousness to the body of his son, Peter King. This challenge was in no way to share his treasure, but to eliminate the competition coming up in this new generation. When the group solved the Tunguska mystery, Peter swings into action, trying to kill the other members of the group. His powers are myriad, including but not limited to: Mortal magic, Items of Power, Potions, and Fae deals.

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