GM Notes: Edit

At the end of the Spooks' confrontation with the summoner Reuben Taylor, when it became obvious that he wasn't getting out alive, he used his death curse to fling them out into the spirit world, preferably never to return.

The Spooks landed in a field, in front of a group Ljosalfar on the ride. The elves offer to help the Spooks get home in exchange for their help dealing with an egregious act by the Svartlfar.

As it turns out, the Svartlfar are riding with the intention of addressing an egregious act by the Ljosalfar as well; and they're just as full of self-righteous anger as the Ljosalfar are.

A small number of elves of both types have been corresponding for several years, and have decided to leave their own kinds and to live as a peaceful collective, regardless of race. A group of 150 strong, half of Svartlfar, and half Ljosalfar, living in peace as equals and allies. Unfortunately, their respective kings responded as anyone who knows of their racial prejudices might expect: Full mobilization of their armies to save presumed hostages from the other side. The two leaders of the Elfadhar colony are prepared to die to the last man to fight for their freedom and equality.

Ljosalfar Names: Edit

  • Njall - Male
  • Artur - Male
  • Audhild - Female
  • Gurd - Female
  • Gunne - Male

Svartfar Names: Edit

  • Karine - Female
  • Ivar - Male
  • Inger - Female
  • Godtfried - Male
  • Felix - Male
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