GM Notes (Overview): Edit

The Spook Squad is called out to Regina to look into the disappearance of a local young woman from a prominent family. Suzanne Perk disappeared apparently without a trace. She was killed by a Kelpie, which took her to Wascana Lake, and ate all but her liver. Her boyfriend was attacked later that day.

Creatures under the Onmyouji's control: Edit

  • Kelpie - Celtic fairy kills and eats all but the liver
  • Bhut - Chinese spirit of the air. Violent spirits of murder.
  • Chiang-Shih - Chinese undead. 'Hopping corpses' dense, immensely strong & durable, vulnerable to electricity & sound.
  • Noppera-bo - Japanese spirit creature. Murdered by the Onmyouji and enslaved.
  • Siren - Greek legend. Human female with bird wings, bird legs and talons. Can fly and attacks with sound. La Savate.
  • Ahuizotl - Aztec myth. Dog-shaped, with spines and a hand on the end of its tail. Known for its taste for human flesh.
  • Kitsune - Japanese messenger spirit. 4 tails.
  • Oni - Japanese ogre. Invisibility, not vulnerable to iron.
  • Aswang - Phillipine witch ghoul. Shape changer, eats unborn fetuses and small children. Inhumanly strong at night.
  • Yuki-onna - Japanese spirit sorceress. Cold & snow powers. Appears as tall japanese woman, whose eyes project fear.
  • Harionago - Japanese ghoul. Long hair tipped with barbs that are used to kill.
  • Otoroshi - Shadow creature, shaggy hair, eats people.
  • Bakechochin - Japanese fiery spirit, haunts lanterns. Spirit of persons who died violently.
  • Trauco - Chilean goblin. Can enrapture any woman, and has a gaze attack vs. men.
  • Suiko - Japanese water goblins. Tiger claw - like hooks on their knees. Super strength & speed. Invisibility. Bosses among the Kappa.
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